Annette Lechler



Necklace Floating bridge, Ag 925

A recurring theme in Annette Lechlerís work is playing with potential transformations as bodies and movement act and react with material and surroundings.
It plays with revealing and concealing, arranging and rearranging, where not everything is present in the same way in the same place at the same time.
Annette Lechlerís jewelry, handcrafted in her studio in the German city of Karlsruhe, is often composed of several parts. The same basic elements are brought together to form diverse, changeable combinations that give each piece its unique identity.
Supple and often generating barely audible sounds, her jewelry visualizes bodily movements. When interacting with the wearerís individual movements, the pieces acquire an astonishing vitality.



Ring Finger leaves
Ring Multiple
Ring Little nest
Ring Little wave
Ring Raindrop


Necklace Floating bridge
Large pod necklace
Necklace silver poplar


Bracelet river
Pod bracelet Torsion

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